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Never Miss Another Priority
Afterhours Alert Again!

AlertOps is the MUST-have tool for Connect Wise MSPs Everything you need to get comprehensive around-the-clock coverage.

Everything an MSP needs in 1 simple bundle

The essentials to get your team up and running
Per Month / User

Live-call routing 24/7

On-call schedule management 

Advanced escalation policies 

Simple SLA management for all your clients 

Easy setup with seamless 1-one integration 

Our 5-star customer service makes your onboarding a breeze 

Adopt the Connect Wise manage automation best practices

MSP Package

AlertOps Premium Tier + the following:

3 Outbound Integrations

Live-Call Routing

3 Hours POC Services

Manual Alerting - includes the ability to respond to alerts and add teammates to an alert.

4 Hours Professional Onboarding Services

10 Workflows - including pre-templated workflows used by connectwise MSP.

1 Hour Professional Services Support / Month Included

Ad-Hoc Support Calls for any break-fixes etc.

16$ per month/Year

Trusted by nearly 100 ConnectWise MSP


We switched to AlertOps after our last solution stopped supporting integration with CW. AlertOps' support is the best I've ever seen. Having an assigned solutions engineer means that I can get support from someone familiar with my set up. Implementation was difficult to do solo, but that assigned engineer made it look easy AND explained it in a way I could understand. Now I can manage most of it on my own. The mobile app is intuitive and my engineers using it have given all positive feedback.

Scott Fitzgerald

AlertOps is great! Super flexible to work with, robust platform, and tightly tuned into their customer's feedback. Very nice to work with.

Tyler Reynolds
MB Technology Solutions

I've been working with the AlertOps team over the last few months, and have been genuinely astonished at what their product can do. The depth of this integration surpasses all others I have seen. If you put a bit of work into it, and can clearly outline what you are looking to achieve, the AlertOps team will support your vision right the way through. Super impressed with these guys!! 

Peter McIver